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135 West Gate Drive, Huntington, New York 11743
Telephone: 631-659-1400 - Fax: 631-592-5991

General Information

Telephone: 631-659-1400

guestrooms & suites

Hotel Information & Reservations

Telephone: 631-659-1400 - Email: reservations@oheka.com

Hotel Group Sales: (10+ rooms)

Steven Kessler, Group Sales Representative
Telephone:  631-659-1334
Email: groupsales@oheka.com

Weddings, events & CORPORATE SALES

General Information & Appointments

Telephone: 631-659-1402 - Email: events@oheka.com

Sales: Weddings, Events, Corporate, & Location Shooting

Kelly Melius, Director of Sales
Telephone: 631-659-1301 - Email: kmelius@oheka.com

Sales: Weddings, Events & Corporate

Rick Bellando, Sales Manager
Telephone: 631-659-1310 - Email: rbellando@oheka.com


Mansion Tour Information & Reservations

Telephone: 631-659-1400 - Email: tours@oheka.com

Mansion Tour Group Reservations: (10+)

Telephone:  631-659-1334
Email: tours@oheka.com

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OHEKA CASTLE • 135 West Gate Drive, Huntington, New York 11743 • Telephone: 631-659-1400